7 Ways to be an Awesome Group Member in Telegram



Telegram is a popular social media platform for cryptocurrency projects to share updates and interact with their community.


One key feature of Telegram is that they believe that the two most important components of Internet privacy should be:

  1. Protecting your private conversations from snooping third parties, such as officials, employers, etc.
  2. Protecting your personal data from third parties, such as marketers, advertisers, etc.


With the cryptocurrency industry being so new and growing at such a rapid rate it is continuously being filled with newcomers. To keep newbies engaged  it is important to have a welcoming place for them to come together to learn about a favoured project and become part of the community.

This privacy focus makes it a great fit for crypto-enthusiasts,  but it can take some getting used to when moving over from mainstream platforms..


Social Media Etiquette

There are some social media etiquette practices that apply across all platforms which may not be apparent to to the people joining the crypto phenomenon.

While digital etiquette is currently being taught in schools, Many newcomers to cryptocurrency are not familiar with social media etiquette and the mindset that they are creating a digital footprint.

Here are things to be mindful of:

  • What you say about others speaks volumes about you, not them.
  • GIFs and emojis are welcome in most  groups, but don’t overdo it
  • Keep you GIFs tasteful – even though you may be in your bedroom, your thoughts are going out into a public arena
  • Not everyone will share your opinion – how you respond, says more about you than it does about them – keep your messages on the issue and don’t take things personally.


Telegram is a little different to popular social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn which can be frustrating at times, but once you get used it it and understand how to use it, it becomes easier….it is essentially a continuous group conversation.


Today I’m going to share 7 easy ways to stand out as a valuable group member in Telegram


  1. Refrain from the following phrases – When Moon? / When Lambo?/ When Exchange? – these are classic newbie phrases. If you’ve just discovered this exciting new world it’s totally understandable that you want to fit in and speak the language….the trouble is that we’ve moved on from here. When Moon?, When Lambo? And When Exchange? All belong to 2017 before the ICO movement drew the attention of the SEC.

    Since then we’ve come to understand that the cryptocurrency/ICO market is a purely speculative market not backed by assets such as shares or equity, and contributing to a project gives you tokens without any guarantee of returns – lots of potential, no guarantee. Therefore, when you say when moon?/when lambo? It shows a lack of understanding that the market has moved on from the heyday of 2017.“When exchange?” is an indicator of a pump and dumper – someone who wants to offload their tokens quickly, but is once again stuck in a 2017 mindset. Projects have had to become more discerning about their communication due to regulations around the potential for an ICO to be declared a security offering if it looks like there is speculation on the price increasing rapidly, they have also become more selective about listing on exchanges for a fee as the major winners in the 2017 boom were exchanges!

    When exchange? Is a reasonable question, but be prepared for the answer to be along the lines of an announcement of confirmed listings on exchanges from the project so that they meet compliance requirements from regulators.
  2. Complete your bio – Add your photo or representation of your alter ego – if you’ve got images of a token and you’re not an admin of the group, you’re going to be considered a shiller.

    There’s not much to do in completing your bio, but if you want to look credible add some info – even if it’s your favourite quote. This gives people a glimpse into who you are and adds some substance to the views you are sharing in channels.

  3. Start an intelligent conversation – add value to the channel by sharing what you like about the project.

    If you’ve read the white paper, ask for clarity on any terminology or token metric you didn’t fully understand. Your questions help others learn.If you haven’t read the white paper/lite paper – read it before asking questions.

    If you’ve done your own research and answered your own question, share that in the channel so that others can learn and continue the conversation, or bring different perspectives to the conversation.

    Telegram is a global community and there is alot we can learn from our brothers and sisters around the globe.

  4. Reply to comments by clicking on the comment and selecting replyFollowing the conversation can be challenging on Telegram, it doesn’t have the visual reply format that Facebook has trained us to become accustomed to, and this can lead to frustration – until you realise that all you need to do is right click the comment you want to reply to and an option box opens up. When you reply like this it keeps the conversation relevant.
  5. Read the pinned post – The pinned post is there to help you and often has helpful links to information about the project. Sometimes the pinned post will be a timely announcement – either way, if you read the pinned post your question may be answered before you ask it. 

  6. Be kind – newbies are coming into the space everyday and you are an ambassador for crypto whether you like it or not – your comments, questions and opinions will influence the rate of adoption.

    Remember your digital etiquette from above.
  7. Raise the vibe – social media platforms attract all kinds of people. I like to think that crypto/blockchain enthusiasts are a special breed of people as I have experienced with the people I have met face to face, but you only need to look at crypto twitter and crypto facebook groups to see that like any area of interest there are positive and negative people – and also the silent majority. If you’re part of the silent majority you can contribute by replying to and supporting constructive conversations and future thinking group members.

    We all know that Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin Whitepaper shortly after the Global Financial Crisis and the genesis block of bitcoin references an article from the UK Times about bank bailouts. Satoshi was offering an alternative to the existing way of creating and moving money – he thought differently and offered a new, inclusive way of doing things. With that in mind, when faced with a difference of opinion in the group ask yourself:  WWSD What Would Satoshi Do? With these 7 easy to follow steps you’ll soon become a welcome member of your favourite crypto telegram channel and who knows, you may even get invited to become a member of the admin team.


Lisa Pace-Renata and Kelly Slattery are the Self Love Sisters. The Self Love Sisters are Australia’s only Certified Bitcoin Professional sisters. They are effective educators and authors who are merging the worlds of Love and Money and sharing the power of Bitcoin to move humanity forward. Based on Australia’s Gold Coast in Queensland, Lisa and Kelly are helping mission driven entrepreneurs navigate the cryptocurrency space and keep a step ahead of the changes happening in our financial future.

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