Aerum Review

AERUM is a high-performance scalable Ethereum-compatible platform designed for B2B and B2C applications.

AERUM‘s mission is to provide a complete and ready to use practical infrastructure for building and using dApps, while having fast and free transactions to end-users, high throughput, and on-demand scalability. Aerum aims to provide a full-service platform to launch dApps, marketplaces, social networks, games, and prediction markets through its unique offering.

Aerum plans to become a number one platform based on Ethereum where virtually unlimited scalability can be achieved through building decentralized sidechain networks (petalchains) by its participants. This is all due to the high performance of Aerum and the very low costs of chain linkage and asset transfer as compared to Ethereum.
Aerum’s goal in not to compete with Ethereum, but rather to supplement it as a high performance dApp platform with decentralized governance, as opposed to a single-operator Plasma side-chain.


Whitepaper:   Click Here

Official Video:


Ratings: 4.6

Vision: 4.7

Blockchain protocols are set to become the operating system of the decentralized future. If Aerum will be there within the top competitors – we will see. Though their main competitive advantage is ability to build a whole universe of decentalized purpose-oriented blockchains based on same censorship-resistant scalable governance protocol with full interoperability between all of them.

Team: 4.5

The team is decently strong with great background. But uncertain about the advisory board. 

Social Activity: 4.5

At the time of the review the community support is much responsive. Engagements on social tribes is satisfactory.

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