Author: Crypto Bum

Beyond Bitcoin: A Guide to the Most Promising Cryptocurrencies

March 3, 2018

The time for Crypto Currencies is now. Just as the success of Facebook helped spawn endless clones, Bitcoin’s arrival on the big stage comes with an assortment of digital currencies, known as “altcoins,” riding on Satoshi’s coattails. As the saying goes, a rising tide raises all ships. With Bitcoin up over 10000 percent in the […]

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Tezo News – Tezo to Launch Coin Soon

March 1, 2018

  After more than seven months of infighting Johann Gevers the president of the Tezos Foundation stepped down from his post Thursday following a long dispute with Tezos co-founders, Kathleen Breitman and her husband Arthur Breitman. This clears the way for Tezos to release the digital Tezos tokens, known as “tezzies,” The Tezos (pre-launch tokens […]

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FINMA Publishes ICO Guidelines

February 27, 2018

FINMA publishes ICO guidelines FINMA ( Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority ) sets out how it intends to apply financial market legislation in handling inquiries from ICO organizers, creating clarity for market participants. In Switzerland there has been a sharp increase in the number of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and a corresponding increase in the […]

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Cayman Islands the future of ICO’s

February 17, 2018

  In 2018 there are 2 locations being favored for ICOs, these are the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. Companies that focus on the EU & UK markets generally issue from Switzerland and in particular ZUG and those from Asia and the Americans set up and run out of the Cayman Islands. Cayman Islands is the […]

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