CoTrader Review


CoTrader is like Uber for hedge funds, and is democratizing the $85 trillion global funds industry. It’s the world’s first LIVE blockchain marketplace where anyone can create or join a crypto hedge fund, set fees & see past ROI.

Investors called cotraders can invest with the best fund managers, called traders, without sending the traders their crypto assets. CoTrader decouples fund management from custodianship. For the first time in history, investors can withdraw their assets from any fund at any time. The platform will enable whitelisting for compliance.

CoTrader supports Ethereum ERC20 tokens, and its plan is to soon support all cryptos and ICOs, as well as stocks, shorts, derivatives, and can tokenize all assets on any exchange, from Binance to Ameritrade, via it’s smart escrow protocol.

CoTrader enables everyone to test and prove themselves as top investors as they build up a performance history. Influencers have incentive to compete & onboard cotraders, as this leverages and multiplies their gains.



Whitepaper: click here

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Ratings: 4.2


Vision: 4

Not a very unique vision and no USP to make the platform stand out (decentralisation is very difficult to achieve primarily, so to call the project a DEX is a future goal, not a quick win). In fact much needed product in the industry today. Definitely welcome any form of competition for the greater good of all consumers.


Team: 3.5

Big team but digging deeper, some team members seems to be holding multiple positions and might not be working full time on the project especially if they are labeled as core team members. Some of the most important members have not updated their LinkedIn profiles and not confirmed the status here, not good thing.


Social Activity: 5

All platforms look good and the admins and team members are much responsive. The project has established a very strong community support with 71k Telegram members and 45k Twitter followers.




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