Dayta Review

The Dayta vision is to solve multiple data protection, consent and privacy issues all at once. The team has designed a roadmap to build a secure, easy-to-use and robust personal information Dapp and exchange mechanism within an integrated, digital ecosystem. Dayta’s aim is to ensure all participants from companies to users protect and profit from a unified personal information blockchain which will ensure efficient data audit and transparent smart contracts and agreements.


Whitepaper: Click here

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Vision: 4.5

Data and personal information protection is always a problem. And profiting from data usage even more difficult. Dayta would like to solve this issue implementing blockchain and smart contracts to monetise personal data in a secure way. This project certainly has good potential, even though they are not the only ones competing the blockchain ID segment. The market is big enough to cater for multiple platforms.

Team: 4.5

All the members seem to have pretty solid backgrounds in the field and the stuff they are supposed to be doing, with employment histories in well known companies doing those things.

Social Activity: 3.5

Not much satisfactory activities are seen in the social channels. The user numbers of communities are even comparatively low. They should launch new bounties or competitions for growing the user base!

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