Dominium Review


Dominium is building a decentralised platform for everything to do with property, from property financing (funds, bonds, loan notes, REIT’s, etc.) to property maintenance, but also property rentals and sales.

Essentially Dominium aims to be the de-facto property portal in the world.

The platform is being developed by industry professionals as a tool to improve services to their existing and future clients, having identified weaknesses in their own market.

By using third generation blockchain technology from Ardor, they are modernising one of the most established yet antiquated industries in the world. It is an international platform on which regulatory documentation for property funding will be standardised and controlled tokenised assets are placed on the blockchain alongside property sales, rentals and management.



Whitepaper:  Click Here

Official Video:


Ratings: 4.2


Vision: 4.1

There is no competitor analysis and the financial model includes no underlying assumptions. Quite large hard cap, but it is not necessarily a must to fill it because of token buyback program. Not suitable for quick profits, but rather for a great long-term investment

Team: 4.1

Seasoned entrepreneurs and property investing professionals as core team members. The team have extensive experience in the real estate industry and have proven successes, but lack the ICO expertise.

Tech: 4.4

The project aims to offer both property management and investment within the one platform – blockchain has a good usecase. Currently one of the few blockchain-based property investing platforms that are compliant and following these regulations.






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