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Dolla is a blockchain cryptocurrency that has been built from the ground up with brand new technology. Dolla is developing a payment platform for both on and offline businesses that will rival the likes of Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and Western Union to name a few. Dolla is faster, can handle more transactions and are cheaper than other fiat based and cryptocurrencies on the current market. Dolla also have a strong focus on security and private transactions.

  • Speed – Transactions settle in 1 second
  • Throughput – Dolla handles 10,000 transactions per second
  • Cost – Dolla’s transactions are only 1 cent, no matter the amount transacted.

Dolla is currently looking for Asian freelancers to accept DOLLA coins as payments from clients and offering 10 usd worth of Dolla coins for registering as a Dolla freelancer. They already have a good number of freelancers and merchants from overseas agreed to be paid in DLA (Dolla coin). Explore the public chat for better insights!

If you are interested in accepting Dolla feel free to post on Dolla’s Telegram Chat and you’ll get the url of the registration form. After that you will have to download the Dolla wallet on which the DLA will be distributed. Dolla is hoping to be launched in next March 2020.

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