Ephelants360 Review

Ephelants360 is an ambitious project aiming to revolutionise the entire showbiz industry from creation, investing and production through to distribution utilizing AI and blockchain. Their aim is to democratize Film & TV Production with Blockchain + AI + Smart Tokens by developing a  platform that offers an all-in-one service providing an eco-system for result-driven film & TV content creation, investing, production & distribution propelled by artificial intelligence, transparency and fairness.

XEP will be an ERC-20 token.

Github repository has little activity.

Website: ephelants360.io

Whitepaper: click here

Official Video:


Vision: 3.5

The showbiz industry is ripe for disruption and the Ephelants360 team is looking to create a fair playing field and fill gaps while providing an overall solution that benefits producers, investors, writers, actors and consumers. By implementing AI to evaluate scripts they anticipate a high success rate for projects and by utilising blockchain and smart contracts they can offer transparency in revenue distribution. Vision is great, execution questionable.

Team: 3.5

A broad team with passionate leaders, no specific legal adviser and no endorsement from celebrities. Plenty of blockchain advisors and developers but little activity on Github.

Social Activity: 3.0

Social channels are mainly push channels with little engagement.


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