Faireum Review

Faireum is a public blockchain with a set of protocols, which focuses on the gambling industry and provides a decentralized, low cost, transparent, and secure betting and gambling experience. Faireum uses its own native currency and smart game contract to guarantee a superb and premium betting experience and services in lotteries, sports betting, casino games and other digital games to users. Faireum releases a smart client based on the set of protocols for the creation of a trustful, borderless, secure, and fast online gambling network that benefits all.

Website: faireum.io

Whitepaper: click here

Official Video:

Vision: 4

The Faireum project with its own public blockchain and currency this already after great credibility to the project. The idea of bringing, playing and registering in the blockchain, will show, transparency to its users. The whitepaper is well detailed and its great staff with potential. Although the gaming industry is massive, very few have succeeded to truly get practical use cases of blockchain in gaming. Faireum seems to bet on smart contracts on blockchain as the key driver to success.

Team: 4.5

Diverse and experienced team and experienced subject matter Experts as Advisors. A financial part of team needs to be improved but it is not mandatory in existing situation.

Product: 4

Product is actually an average product but team makes it a little bit fine than similar ones with their view and experience

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