Gath3r Review provides a web-based Cryptocurrency miner that utilizes user’s CPU and GPU power, with their explicit consent. brings an alternative method to monetize website or application by using a fraction of user’s spare computational power, additionally ensuring system safety and transparency. intends to deliver smart miner to websites and apps, so users can mine multiple algorithms and coins, dependent on the available hash rate and profitability. Gath3r centralizes profit without breaching privacy.



Whitepaper:   Click Here

Official Video:


Ratings: 4.1


Vision: 4.3

The project has GPU mining in Q1 2019 on the roadmap which is quite unique for an ICO. Tokenomics of the project are very attractive too in terms of price potential with hardcap of 5M usd or 12k ETH.

Team: 4.1

The team seems much experienced in  strategic management and the advisory board also experienced. But not much crypto enthusiasm is found among the founders. 

Social Activity: 3.8

At the time of the review the community support is still very small. Need to increase engagements on social tribes.



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