Navibration Review

Navibration, a Spain-based technology company that has been backed by the Government of Spain and developed a patented technology, is creating the next-generation navigation system which will redefine not only the way we move in unknown places, but also the way of discovering all of the details and secrets of them. All this will be achieved through Navibration Experiences, the world’s first social network of audio guided tours built on blockchain technology, where content is created by the users. Each newtour will be available for sale on the platform and will be controlled by smart contracts to ensure transparency, proper incentives and user engagement.


Whitepaper: Click Here

Official Video:

Vision: 4

This is a really unique and interesting concept. A platform like this would have decent potential. The travel and tourism industry is massive and practically evergreen, Navibration could be exactly what the industry needs.

Team: 4

The team seem to have a good diverse range of experience and they are backed by a solid group of advisors.

Product: 3.5

The product is based on a weakly validated assumption. The main question is whether there will be enough users in the system!

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