Real Estate Doc – Commercial Real Estate Leasing On The Blockchain


Real Estate Doc is the Proptech 3.0 for commercial real estate businesses. It is the next generation real estate software that will revolutionise the managing of commercial real estate leasing businesses with blockchain.
RED ‘s data-driven processes provides removes the tedium of real estate administration, drives business productivity, eradicates paper-fraud and provides better business control through real time business analytics. RED will revolutionise the managing of commercial real estate businesses.
Running on their blockchain network, their technology platform facilitates secure, immutable and legally binding transactions between parties using blockchain and smart contracts in a seamless environment, to achieve data-driven, cost-efficient, and seamlessly fast transactions.

Their long term vision for RED is to become a versatile blockchain protocol and business application where real estate companies can rent out and transact the lease of any kind of commercial real estate space. Through the RED application, the user will easily manage every aspect of these transactions on one convenient application. The RED blockchain protocol will over time, also allow for other real estate businesses to plug-in to the RED private sidechain with their existing system to access its benefits available. RED has successfully deployed proof-of-concepts in large commercial retail establishments in Singapore, streamlining commercial retail leasing transactions between landlords and vendors.




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