This is the first blockchain game to be released on the Tron network.

CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, unveiled the game –  titled: ‘Magic Academy’ – on Twitter.


Created by Bitguild, a blockchain gaming company, Magic academy is the worlds first blockchain game based on Tron.

Magic Academy will enable interested gamers to buy wizards and a plethora of different items, many of which can be upgraded. The team says that upon buying wizards and upgrading various items, they can upgrade the currency in the Magic World. This currency is represented in the form of Jades. The statement noted that all Jades are TRC-20 protocol compliant tokens.

Also, players can buy warriors to acquire battle power. To upgrade battle power, the player has to buy a related upgraded item. They then have to steal their Jade, and attack the enemy or other players. BitGuild further stated that it used Solidity programming language for the game development. It noted that it was done through TVM on the TRON main net.



In conclusion, the statement pointed out that the programming language used is open, credible and transparent, adding that TRON Wallet allows users to complete all the transactions.




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