TrustVerse (TVS) Review

TrustVerse is a blockchain based wealth management platform and a digital asset distribution protocol, such as inheritance design that managed and distributes all digital person and proprietary information (such as iTunes, social media and subscription information) online as well as encrypted assets. When the transfer of managed assets and information is required, it can be delivered correctly to the designated party through a smart contract.

TrustVerse’s asset management platform is powered by a state-of-the-art AI deep neural technology and a multi-data financial portfolio optimization engine.

The TrustVerse project started with raising the fundamental question, “How do you safely own and utilize the value as cryptocurrency”. It will provide practical services that enables current and future crypto asset owners to maximize the value of their tokens that are simply managed and fully utilized their cryptographic assets.



Whitepaper:  Click Here

Official Video:


Ratings: 4.1

Vision: 4.3

Solid whitepaper with detailed business and concept, but the vision isn’t anything new and there is high competition. For that reason an MVP should have been presented before public rounds.

Team: 4.5

Team looks good with experienced advisory board. But Some team members Linkedin profile missing. Should update them.

Social Activity: 3.5

Not satisfactory! Suggesting to focus more on marketing as there are several ICOs with the same vision.



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