WatchUGot Review

WatchUGot is a blockchain-based social challenge platform that facilitates community building through social charity initiatives and rewards participants in the form of exchangeable cryptocurrency capital. The task of integrating and providing compensation to inspire charitable contribution is daunting and requires skilled developers and a monetization system of high utilitarian value to maintain economic viability. WatchUGot and WUG tokens provide such a system, by combining aspects of legacy version and applying a tokenized incentive model with virtual, physical & non-fungible goods (badges/items) to transparently award community participants and charitable organizations.


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Vision: 3.5

Project with a vision that is not very original and neither very innovative, since the idea has already been very successful on other platforms. Try to land in a market full of competitors, some of them very rich and impressive, but with hard work behind and a good product to be presented, could find their place in the market.

Team: 4

The team is quite large, has many figures, well distributed at the team level, but something more on the blockchain development and financial level is missing. Some of them have good experiences in the background, while on others the past is not very clear.

Social Activity: 3.5

Social networks have little community, a sign that perhaps the marketing strategy adopted is not one of the best. For a project that already has an iOS and Android app developed, you should travel with other numbers. The activity is quite good, publications and updates are made almost daily on some channels, while on others, a little less. Even telegram has little community.

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