World Trip Singapore (WTXT)

Traveling necessities are shifting from “the material” to “the experience.” The way travelers search for details on things like services and restaurants located in that country alone as well as how they have fun during the trip is changing. Many individuals are no longer content with the tour packages available.

World Trip Singapore (WTS) is an information-sharing platform that lets tourists enjoy an extremely “localized” travel experience by interacting with the locals in their tour destinations. It intends to first launch its services in Asia, which is witnessing an increasing number of tourists over the previous years. It will then extend into America and Europe, expanding the WTS platform worldwide. The platform offers a space for the guests to become local hosts. By combining the skills of a host and the knowledge of locals, the citizens of the world will focus and make a reservation if compelled to experience and participate in such things.


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Vision: 4

The overall Vision and Idea is pretty straight forward yet exciting and full of potential. The places we visit are often as good as who is showing us around and or what we decide to see. It is an amazing way to create jobs for locals and push locals to be as warm and welcoming which creates an even better overall environment for the countries tourism. Features such as a secondary market where travelers can easily resell their bookings is wonderful idea and promotes flexibility this sector has always struggled with.

Team: 3

The main team however doesn’t count experts of the tourism sector although appreciate the experience of certain members owning places that could be of interest by tourists. The team overall should have more experts in travel with a hospitality related background.

Social Activity: 4

The activity is quite good, publications and updates are made almost daily on channels.

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